Thursday, April 22, 2010

Raise Your Confidence!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t
peace be upon you.

Nowadays, the world are more challenging than ever before and it is getting more and more challenging. There are many challengers in this world and the number are increasing rapidly. People all around the globe faces new challenges everyday. Due to these challenges, sometimes it gives fear to the people and might lower the people self confidence and self esteem.

Thus, many people who called themselves expert were born and was said can RAISE the confidence of the people. Many bizarre methods were created but o me, the most bizarre method of all would be in India that I just read about 15minutes ago. It shocked me so much that came to my mind that I must write it in this blog and share it with all.

On April 22, Utusan Malaysia reported that a school in India had forced student to walk on a hot coal and broken glasses. Reason? It was reported that it to raise the confidence of the student. The school taht is located in West India had done it to approximate 190 students, 110 walking on hot coal and the other 80 on broken glasses. One of the representative states that at first the objective is to raise confidence of the student by removing their fear. It was done 190 pupil aged 9-14 and no one had ever gotten hurt.

A question comes to my mind. What if suddenly the student get hurt? What will happen then? Walking on a coal is similar in determining whether a person is guilty or not as well as a kind of punishment for criminals in England in the 12th Century. These children are on 9-14 and they have to endure the same thing as criminals in the 12th century were facing. To add icing to the cake, the school claim it was a way to increase CONFIDENCE!

To me this is ridiculous and it must be put to a stop before anything happen to these young people who have bright future ahead of them.

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