Thursday, December 3, 2009


What can I say. Em, just returned from Kelantan for Aidil Adha, which take 7 hours journey. Then, while on the way, I got news from my friends, final examination result will be coming out today.

Huuhhh. cant wait to see my result. Can or not i get 3.6. So, I arrived at home tried to check my result and what did I get. I cannot open the website! IT GOT JAMMED. This happens all the time not just in IIUM but all the University in Malaysia. It is frustrated afer a long while waiting for the result but then we cannot see it. It happens all the time to local Universities.

The government always claim 1Malaysia "Rakyat didahulukan pencapain diutamakan" yet what i see in the newspapers are otherwise. It is frustrated to deal with these government people. Their services are as worse as ever and polticians always knows to talk trash but never know to do their work. When something happens, neither party would come out and claim responsibility but always deby responsibility and point at others. WHAT KIND OF LEADERS ARE THESE PEOPLE?

All I see in newspapers are politicans trying to do sweet talk but the main queston still remains whether do they really care for us? How many times had these poticians tried public tranport or services? they say this and that promise this and that but result?? NOTHING! It is quite dissapointing. There are not many leaders these day who will fight for the people. Most politicians or so called leaders only thinks what benefits them.

yet, it is not fair to judge a book by its cover as our sixth PM had only been in the office for less then a year, there might be more under his sleeves. Who knows, he might actually do a miracle(eventhough there is no sign of it) Let us just wait and see mister Prime Minister the hope of all Malaysians are on your shoulder. Were counting on you.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A BIG Step to A New Life

Alhamdullilah Finally I am in IIUM Gombak Main Campus. After I had waited for a long time. I had this dream since I was in primary school. Hmm. Yet I felt afraid. I felt as if I am not ready. After all these years, waiting, suddenly, when you are at the top, you felt different.

Be tough, I said to myself. This is just the first step. I can face it. I know I can do it. I have my family, and my friends. Not to mention, Allah is always is with my side. All i need to do is search for Allah. Hey, Allah knows best right.There must be a reason why I am here at my dream university. That reason is just one reason only. That reason is to grade and BE THE BEST!!

Allah had given me the chance here in IIUM just to allow me to grow myself up. To know other students around the globe and learn more about Islam. I cannot be a kid all day right. One day, I will build a family. IIUM is just a part of my life. It is just a phase. A phase that will play a vital part in my life. All of us will face this right. Take the feeling of afraid and throw it far far away.

It is time to move forward. I have a life to built. My family puts high hopes on me. It is time to change. It is time to take on the challenge. It is time to take a big step forward to a new life. InsyaAllah.

Sedikit perkongsian bersama,

Peganglah pesanan Imam al-Shafie kepada semua penuntut ilmu di dalam syairnya:

Saudaraku, engkau tidak akan berjaya menuntut ilmu melainkan dengan enam (syarat)

Aku akan jelaskan (syarat-syarat tersebut) dengan terperinci,

1. Kecerdikan. 2. Pro-aktif mencari ilmu. 3. Ketekunan.,

4. Logistik dan sumber perbelanjaan. 4. Hubungan baik dengan tenaga pengajar. 5. Masa yang panjang (untuk menuntut ilmu).

Moga diri yang penuh khilaf ini mampu untuk memenuhi syarat-syarat untuk menjadi seorang mahasiswa yang cemerlang.