Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lets Holiday!

With the name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful,

Finally I managed to finish my first year. Last semester I took less subject than the first so that I can relax a bit. Relax?! Huhu. What a surprise did I get. The second semester even with lesser subject was more tiring than the first semester. More assignments to do and more researches to made and more activities to be done. In my last week before the final examination, I got 4 tests, 1 final, and 3 assignments. Huh, it was very hectic and tiring and I was forced to slept at 4a.m every day.

Now, the semester is finally over. No tests, no exams for the next month. It is holiday time! When talking about holiday, many will thing holiday is a time to relax. Ask any people on the street regarding the word HOLIDAY and lets see what they tell you. I am no magician but i can guarantee majority of the answer will be the time to relax and to let our mind of from this world. I won't say it is wrong but I have my own unique and contradict opinion regarding the definition of the term HOLIDAY.

HOLIDAY is the day where everybody in this world is waiting for. Students, parents and even bosses cannot wait for holiday. RELAX RELAX RELAX. Well, to me, holiday it is not a time to relax. It a time for us to PREPARE. Prepare for what? Well, to prepare for the next battle of life. It is the time for us to think about ourselves. What had we done in the past? How can we improve our self? What are our weaknesses. This is the time for us to improve. Get our self straight and settle things up. People always say "if you have a problem that go and take a HOLIDAY or a break". Think about it, why do people take break when having problems? Can RELAX solve the problem. No. It cannot solve any problem but it only gives us peace. With peace it will give us time to think rationally. Think back what is the problem and what is the solution.

There are also many misunderstanding that are happening around the world right now. For example, religion and culture. Not many understands about different religion, culture and races and tends to create disrespect and hatred. Well, in certain part it can be seen as the media to be blame. Media these days rather than trying to promote harmony to the world are now more prone to promote hatred. They are telling lie stories and people like us who are lack of knowledge believe in this source and tends ton develop the feeling of hatred and disrespect. Who knows, one day it might cause World War Three just because of the misunderstanding and confusion created by the media.

To solve these problems, it is better for us to broaden our mind with traveling. Lets see the world with our own eyes and learn the culture of others. This way, we will be more humble and will learn how to respect others. We will also earn their respect not to mention gaining knowledge regarding each others culture. You might be surprise how the world is totally different from what you absorb from the media.

There are more to HOLIDAYS than just relaxing and doing nothing. Spend the HOLIDAYS wisely and be surprise with how much you can gain in HOLIDAYS then in the normal daily lives routine.

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