Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mummy, my friend brought pork to school!

I was jogging one evening while hearing the radio on my phone. I tune up the radio to listen to Business F.M (89.9) when there were discussing quite an interesting topic. A non-muslim students was punished for bringing pork meat to school. It caused quite a chaos among the listeners and a few were pretty angry with it but some minorities said it was the right decision.

This is consider quite a sensitive issue but something that is very interesting to discuss and a MUST to resolve. Is it wrong for a non-muslim to bring pork to school? Something that is never being discussed in law and something that has no black and white on paper. Neither it is something that should be make as a law as one decision will cause a major upset to one of the parties.

Indeed, it is merely to me a matter of respect and sensitivity. Yes, it is not wrong for a student to bring pork to school. Yet, it is to be reminded that we are talking about school students age between seven-twelve. They are still young and very immature. At this stage, this young children were taught about morale such as sharing food and respecting each other. What if accidentally, a non-muslim children shared his/her lunch with a muslim friend? That might cause a huge up roar.

The non-muslim might argue that we can teach them not to give it to their muslim friend. Well, if they were really that understanding and mature, why send them to school. We are tend to forget that school is a place for our young people to learn and to know each other. To develop the feeling of respect and understanding and to make friends. It is a process in making toddlers to become great adults. School is not just about education but it is also the place to develop personality as nowadays, toddlers spent more time in school with their teachers and friends rather then their parents.

Bringing pork to school should not be a major issue. The non-muslim should understand the sensitivity of a muslim and respect it. Same goes for the muslim regarding the issue of meat with hindus. Let these children learn the basic of respect and sensitivity. Let us adult put aside our pride and egos that we tend to forget that our children is our main priority. Our ancestors had put aside their differences for us to come together and creating the Malaysia that we have today. Do not let small issues regarding pork and beef destroy the harmony of this country. Remember, it is our feeling of respect to one another that makes us MALAYSIANS...