Monday, April 12, 2010


With the name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful

It has been a long time i wrote anything in this. maybe I dont have much to talk about. The last time I wrote anything here was when I started my second semester in IIUM. Now, finally finished my first year, a few days ago. Things had changed a lot in just one year. Miracles do happen.

When I first started my Foundation Studies 2 years back, I never had always put high expectation on myself. Inspired by a message by my dad, I really tried all out and really did my best. I have class everyday from 8-5 and sometimes until six and barely have anytime for myself. I have meeting almost every night and only study at 12-3. At mt foundation level, I only managed to get 3.3 even with my best effort. I also did not manage to spend much time with my friends and even met some enemies.

Syaitan started to play with my mind. Giving and imputing me with negative thinking. Saying to me that I will never succeed. Degree life will be much harder. If you cannot even survive 3.6 in Foundation, what about in Gombak. Impossible!

Huh. Ive beginning to think negatively what will happen to me in Gombak. I started to feel afraid. Started to live in fear and think too much about many things. What a very bad first impression to a new life. Yet, after 1year I have been there, my first impression was absolutely wrong. My life in Gombak is better than thought. I am getting more friends and even better grades. the people that used to hate me and I used to hate are now my friends. Not just a friend but also close buddies. I even get the chance to know other people from other countries as well as learning to respect others more.

After 1year of being a degree student in Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah Of Laws (AIKOL) I had began to think about life differently. I had become more mature than I used to be and had more friends than I could ever think of. Life could not get any better. IIUM had changed me. Maybe not just me but also others. Some might change to the positive side but others, might be going backwards. It is up to us choose the path to follow. IIUM only provides the platform for us to walk on but it is us that choose the road.

It has only been a year and I still have a long way to go. 3years more before I will be moving to the real world. These 3years might look to be a very long period but actually, it will end with a blink of an eye. Enjoy every moment of these 3 years so that one day I can look back and never regret it.

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