Favourite Quatation

”Sesungguhnya orang yang beriman itu hanyalah mereka yang apabila disebut nama Allah gementarlah hati mereka.” (Surah Al-Anfal: Ayat 2)

Dan hendaklah ada di antara kamu satu puak yang menyeru (berdakwah) kepada kebajikan (mengembangkan Islam), dan menyuruh berbuat segala perkara yang baik, serta melarang daripada segala yang salah (buruk dan keji). Dan mereka bersifat yang demikian ialah orang-orang yang berjaya (Surah al Imran : 104 )

“The best richness is the richness of the soul.”(Prophet Muhammad)

The government in Islam is not only concerned with raising the standard of living, providing goods, services and facilities for achieving a decent life; but also with helping people elevate their souls as well as their bodies. It secures promising future in this world and winning the Hereafter. This can never be found except in Islam, and this is an honor which is only gained by true Islamic governments  (Sheikh Mohamed Al-Ghazaly)

"All humans are dead except those who have knowledge; and all those who have knowledge are asleep, except those who do good deeds; and those who do good deeds are deceived, except those who are sincere; and those who are sincere are always in a state of worry." (Imam Shafi)

 “I laugh at the person who hopes for this world and at the same time death is seeking him, the person who neglects the death but the death does not neglect him, and the person who laughs with his mouth full of laughter without knowing if his Lord is angry or satisfied with him.” (az-Zuhd, p. 225, by Imaam Ahmad bin Hanbal)

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