Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ramadhan is the month of Barakah

With the name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful,

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan Al-Mubarak had once again return to us. Its been quite a while since weve met and alhamdulillah, again I was given the chance to celebrate Ramadhan.
As usual, the first night of Ramadhan, the mosque is full with people. Its kind of fun to see it. hearing the voices of kids crying, running and playing, hearing to the firecrackers and also the sight of people running to the mosque. The mosque felt as if I was in Mecca eventhough I am actually in Malaysia. The sight of seeing the mosque full with people at night is a rare sight. Not something that can be seen in other days of the year. Yet, how long will this remain?
Yes, many people know Ramadhan is the month of Barakah. Many people not just Muslims but also non-muslims learns many things during the ramadhan. But after Ramadhan, what happened? As soon as the azan was heard to end the 30th day of Ramadhan and the beginning of Syawal, what the things learnt during the Ramadhan are forgottean as if they never existed. The spirit of Ramadhan suddenly dissapear in thin air.
Its not something that i am suppose to say in the beginning of Ramadhan but this is reality. I smiled and almost cried seeing so many people in the mosque. Alhamdulillah. But after a week, the number will get lesser and lesser. Where are the people? Maybe to tired or worse, bored of Ramadhan. Just some hypocrites who waned to show their faces in the early stages of Ramadhan.
The ummah is getting worse everyday and it is up to us to stop the decay of the ummah.Think about it. Dont change tomorrow but change NOW!

Happy Ramadhan:)

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