Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadhan Returns.

Alhamdulillah, as a Muslim, I am very grateful that I managed to be given the chance to meet Ramadhan again. I live in Malaysia a multicultural, social and religious country, whereby 55% are Muslims while the other 45% are non-Muslims. Some might wonder, what is so special about Ramadhan? Why are the Muslims so happy about not eating and drinking for the whole month.

Well, basically, Ramadhan its not just about fasting, To Muslims its a month of barakah. There are many incidents that actually happened during Ramadhan. For instance, Ramadhan is the month whereby the Quran was first sent down upon the prophet Muhammad S.A.W on the 17th Ramadhan.

Another incident is Lailatul Qadar or the Night of 1000Nights. Its the night whereby your good deeds will be multiplied as if you have been doing it for 1000 nights. Yet, it is not certain which night is it. It is however to be one of the night of the last 10days of Ramadhan. Its the one night not to be missed. Its the one night where to Muslims, a very special night. Who knows, this Ramadhan might just be the last Ramadhan for us and to miss the night, would be a waste that will forever be regretted.

Further, according to the Quran, Ramadhan is the night where the doors of heavens will be wide open, and the doors of the hell fire will be closed. It can be said that it is the months of blessing. Even the devil are chained for one month during Ramadhan. It is the only month where we will be given the oppurtunity to purify our soul, strengthen our ties with ALLAH SWT.

Fasting is not just the main core of Ramadhan. Its to restrain ourself from eating, drinking and other things that might disturb our fast from sunrise until sun set. It is about controlling our nafs or desire. Its about appreciating on what we have and understanding the poor around us. Its the time that we stop being selfish and think about others.

So Ramadhan in short is a fresh start for all Muslims to be better. The month to rest and get a fresh start. Its the one month we purify our self and re correct all the mistakes that we had done before. To all the Muslims, may this Ramadhan be better then before. keep improving guys :)

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