Sunday, November 11, 2012

Hospitality Canada!

        From the 17th of October until 29th of October 2012, I was given the once in a life time opportunity to visit a country that I had only dream of going, The Great White North of Canada. It was a student exchange program organized by my university.

        To be honest, I did not know what to expect when I went there. I know very little about Canada. Yet my journey was amazing. From the very first day we departed, i felt as if I had landed in heaven. I had learned new things, I discovered new discovery, and I gained new experiences. Canada was far better from what I had imagined.

         Yet, the best thing about Canada to me was the hospitality. When the day to fly finally came,  my hearts were pumping, my feeling was full of nervousness and my mind was full of curiosity yet at the same time, the feeling of joy and excitement fills me. After 22hours of flight and a transit at Abu Dhabi, we finally reached Toronto and was greeted by Mr Ferhad, the president of Islamic Institute of Toronto. they will be our host and we were later be divided into our family.

       They had been an amazing host. I had never imagine such hospitality. They treated us as if we are a King of a country. No, maybe even better. they treated us as if we are family to them. Every single day in Canada, i felt as if I am at home. I felt as if I had never left Malaysia and Canada had forever been my home. I felt in debt with their kindness. It is not easy treating a guess who you had never known before and accepted them as your own child. I to take them as my family. All of them were like my mother and father, my brothers and sisters. for the first time in my life, I can really imagine what "Islamic Brotherhood" is all about. I can imagine how the brotherhood was like during the time of the prophet. I never thought I would actually discovered the true Islamic Hospitality in Canada. 

       Today, I might be half across the world. Yet, never I felt Canada was far from me. As from that day, Canada is very close to my heart and soul. If I were given another chance to visit Canada for just ONE DAY and to go through the 2days traveling, I would definitely do it. This is because "my family" is there and forever, they will be a part of my life.

With my Canadian Family


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