Sunday, April 15, 2012

Third Gender : Rights vs Laws

Everyday we read the newspapers and we can see many headlines all around the globe that people everywhere are claiming for their rights. We want our rights! Its our rights! People are yelling this all around the world. Malaysia is no exception The LGBT group had been asking their rights to be recognized. These people are demanding and yelling the word RIGHTS but do they know what RIGHTS is all about?

Yes everyone deserves their rights but remember rights have their limits. Imagine this world if everyone is asking their rights to be upheld. The drugs users manage to get their rights upheld and can freely take marijuana. A married couple wants their right to be upheld so they can have sex freely in the public. Even better, a woman wants their right to be upheld that they can marry as many man as they want? If we allow such rights, what would actually happen to this world.

Yes everyone has their rights and deservedly so. Right to life, right to food and right to shelter. Yet, remember these rights are limited and it is here where the Law comes. The Law limits the right of the people in order to create a better society. The function of the law is not just to sanction or to scare but to limits the right of the people. Imagine a society living without laws with an unlimited rights, surely the society will lead into chaos and even to destruction. The function of the law is to preserve and protect the people.

If today we are recognizing rights of Homosexuality especially in a Muslim majority country, what next? Legalizing marijuana or even an inter-religious marriage like Indonesia. As for Malaysian perspective, we are not ready to accept the existence of such people and as far as I am concern, we should not even bother to accept such people. They might argue that it is not them that wanted to be this way but God created them the way they are. Well, God created you as a man and there are people out there wants to be a woman and claiming its their right to do so. Its just a mere excuse that you do not want to admit your mistake. If you know you had done something wrong, by right change it.

This world is never a democracy world. the right of 49 people may be taken away by 51 people in a 100 people meeting. the right of one person may be taken away by 2 people in a three people meeting. This life is not about right. No. It is about how together we can create a better world and for standing up for something that is wrong, will not in any way help.

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