Friday, July 1, 2011

The Aging Root: A nation with a lost culture

Assalamualaikum wbt..

It had been a while since i wrote anything here, especially in english. Yet, it does not mean I had forgotten this blog. If we do not use something or say something frequently, it does not mean we had forgotten something. But least do we know, it is the first step in leaving it behind and making it a history put in a glass box in a dull museum.

Recently, I had came across a chinese written cheque and had asked a chincese friend to read it for me. Yet, a surprised answer came to me as she cannot read chinese. That same time I remembered an Indian friend who cannot write nor read Tamil. It also triggered to me on how many of my friends can actually write and understand JAWI, a Malay arabic writing that was used since the 15th century until the early 19th centuries before the arrival of the British.

It comes to my mind how pathetic we are today. We had forgotten our roots and
legacy passed by generations. The roots are aging and getting rotten and forgotten. Today, we are busy going for the future and we are tend to forgotten the past. Indeed, so
we might argue that we are still using the culture in ceremonies such as wedding ceremonies but my question is, how long? It used to be a daily life activity, then it became as functions and ceremonies and in the future, in the history museum.

Once, our former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir had tried to implement an idea called "pandang ke timur" (look at the East). He was trying to copy Japan. Japan is a country that is very advance in technology. From the fastest train to the latest gaming software, they have it all. Yet, they had never forgotten their culture and heritage that until today, it is a part of their daily life. Lets ask ourselves Malaysians, is our culture a part of our life? I doubted it.

Asia is a continent very famous with culture. Almost every country in the continent has their own culture and it is unique from one to another. It is a continent full of heritage and culture and not to mention fill with uniqueness. Yet, today, the Western is getting into our head and tend to make it cool with their Western culture which is being followed by teenagers all around the world. If one day, our culture is lost, we tend to point fingers at the West but inside, it is us that needs to be blame.

Our culture is our symbol and that is what make us unique. Make it a part of our life as our culture, represents who we are and we are Malaysians. Prove to the world we are a country proud of our culture and heritage and prove that

Malaysia is truly Asia.....

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