Thursday, March 24, 2011

Unity in Tragedy

With the name of Allah the Most Beneficent and Most Merciful,

The tsunami that had struct Japan recently and had caused thousands of death while thousands more were left unknown. With a scale 9.0 ritcher, it is considered to be one of the worse natural disaster in the world and the worse in Japan in approximately 100years.

It is not a secret anymore that the world is in total danger. In 2004, tsunami struct Acheh Indonesia killing around 400thousand people. In 2007, A thunderstorm of Katrina struct America. In 2010, Haiti was cursed by mother nature of a nasty earthquake killing hundreds of thousands of people. In 2011, Japan was struct by earthquake, tsunami and radiation.

These natural disaster is becoming more and more normal as time goes on. As so much humans want to prevent it with their great technologies, not even Japan and America survive the power of God. No matter how many times we try, if God wants it to happen, the power of even all the humans combine cannot do nothing with the wrath of God.

Yet, in every cloud there will always be a silver lining.
It is during these natural disaster we can see human help each other. Nowadays, live is regarded as a competition. Nations fight of who is the best empire, even bigger than the Roman Empire. Religions had never been more important and its no longer sacred but people had used it as a medium of war and reasons for killing. The spirit of races and tribes had never been stronger and every tribes want to show their pride.

The world that we live in today is nothing more than a world full with cold blooded,heartless and brainless, blood thirsty killing animals and savages. Men these days should be ashamed to call themselves humans. If the prophet Muhammad SAW, Jesus and Buddha were to live today, they will be shocked with the world today and things that were done under their names.

We are living in a world without unity and only these natural disasters will bring us as one. People from all around the world comes regardless of their religion, nation and race in order to help each other. It is the only medium in bringing the people together, bringing us a glimpse of hope of humanity. It is a proof that humanity has yet to be lost. There is still hope of humanity and hope of bringing peace to this world.

This natural disaster should be a lessen to the world to unite together and be less selfish. Yet, how does we need human sacrifices in order to unite as one? How long will these sufferings continue until the reemergence of peace? Yes, there is hope but when will this hope turn into a reality?

I wish the Japanese my deepest regret. I hope that Japan will one day rise again as strong nation and the world will follow and unite as one.



  1. Salam. This article is unarguably good and beneficial. The concern that is being shown here is just amazing, Subhan Allah.

    Nevertheless, you can sharpen your English skills more with distinct writing techniques so that your articles in a future time would be more condensed and less haphazard. Don't ever treat this comment as demotivating you but rather a stepping stone for you to develop yourself better with the holistic approach accompanied by the divine teaching of Islam, revealed by the Omnipotent Allah and the best human being, Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h).

    Keep it up Brother. Strive in Allah's way and you shall experience the true meaning of ebullient in life.

  2. tq brother for the positive feed back:)