Monday, August 13, 2012

Report : Closed Discussion with Prof Thariq Ramadhan

Professor Dr Tariq Ramadan (Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies, Oxford University, UK)
visited IAIS Malaysia and engaged in dialogue with the members/fellows of IAIS
including the invited participants.

representing IDFR in a round table discussion with regard to
the Islamic Contemporary Issue Around The World with Prof Thariq Ramadhan.

Recently, the prominent scholar Prof Thariq Ramadhan had visited Malaysia to give talks and speeches to the Malaysians. One of his schedule during this short yet meaningful visit was to have a round table discussion at Institute of Advance Islamic Studies (IAIS) in Petaling Jaya. The discussion was held on Monday, 16th July 2012.

Several guest attended the event which include former Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, for Chief Judge of Malaysia Tun Abdul Hamid and former minister Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar. Others were representative from academic institution form IIUM, Ngo’s as well as amembers from the public at large. There approximately around 30 people in the discussion exclusive Prof Thariq Ramadhan.

The discussion began with an opening speech by Prof Dr Hashim Kamali who was the moderator of the discussion. He introduced a bit about Prof Thariq Ramadhan before passing the microphone to him to begin the discussion. There is no specific topic with regard to this discussion and it is an open discussion whereby the people are allowed any questions as long as it is appropriate.

Most of the issues discussed are quite general and it is with regard to the Islamic Contemporary Issues. Many issues were discussed such as the role of Islam in Education, knowledge and economics. There is also issue with regard to the understanding of Islam by others as well as how Muslim understands others. However, the most controversial issue is regard to the issue of interfaith marriage between a Muslim and a non-Muslim without converting to Islam. The issue was later settled well by Prof Thariq Ramadhan and the Prof himself does not agree too such matter.

The discussion that began at 10.15am ended 2hours later at 12.15pm. The  discussion was later concluded by Prof Thariq Ramadhan that Muslim today should focus more on improving Islamic Ethics. IDFR hope that such discussion will be continually held in order to benefit the society at large especially the Muslims.

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