Friday, August 19, 2011

Life Is Like A Game Of Chess

Assalamualaikum wbt.

One day when we look at the past, we might laugh and look where life had brought us today. It is funny, yesterday we were just little kids or little babies crying for our daddy. Today however we had grown and had become a better person, maybe even a better person than we thought we could be. Unfortunately today, we concern too much on how are we going to step forward in our next stage of life.

Indeed, it is not wrong in thinking and planning of what we want our future to become. Furthemore, planning is always the perfect start to everything. So then we started thinking, and we started to plan, what will we do in future? Our life, our jobs and even love, marriage and children. Here is where all the problems start. We started thinking, then we start to think too much. When this happens, even the easiest things in life becomes very difficult.

Then our life becomes like a Chess game. we started to think too much, we felt afraid of what is going to happen and we will be afraid in making our move. When we are afraid, slowly we will without us noticing, loose our confident. We tend to think of too many possibilities that can come and hit us and bring us down from every angle. We tend to take the future so serious that, we become obsess with it.

However let us rewind maybe 5years back, did you actually plan every step that brought you where you are today? I dont think so. Planning for the future is not a bad thing for example, planning your target in life such as what do you want to be or how to improve yourself in becoming a better person. Yet, planning will start to be a bad thing when we try to plan almost everything about our life. It is here that we tend to forgot that this life here, DOES NOT BELONG TO US.

Surprised? This life belong to the Al-Mighty ALLAH SWT. Remember that ALLAH also has plan for us. No matter how perfect our plan is, it is ALLAH that decide. ALLAH knows better than any single one of us. When our life turns out not how we plan,we then try to blame others, and even blame ALLAH. We even tend to commit suicide, taking the LIFE that does not belong to us in the first place. This all happened because we are to obsessed in planning that we forgot the very basic thing in our life, it is not ours.

Please, do not get the wrong idea. Do not make your life miserable by not planning at all and just live it to ALLAH. Didn't ALLAH promise us that

"Allah will not change the fate of a tribe unless themselves wanted to change"

Do not get confuse. Planning on how to move on with our life is a good thing. Even in the game of Chess, we need to plan. If we just play without planning, we will lose for sure. However, if we take too much time in planning our move, we will also lose the game. The same rule applies in our life. we can plan our life but merely our goals, our targets as well as how to attain the target. we can also plan on how can we become a better person and yes, a better MUSLIM. Yet, if we tried to plan every single step of our life, taking time sitting down and just keep thinking, it might backfired. Even by thinking, we are actually not moving forward as we are loosing to TIME.

"If you fill your heart with the regrets of yesterday, and the worries of tomorrow,
you will have no today to be thankful for"

Wallahu a'lam. May ALLAH SWT guide us to the straight path in our LIFE:)


  1. although theres some point that make me disagree with you, however i read these point of view every words till the end.
    but theres still lots of goood thoughts that some people might take.
    thanx for your opinion.

    feel free to read my blog?

  2. everyone has their own opinion.. different people have different way of looking at this life as we have different history.. do follow my blog and i will follow yours insyaALLAH:)